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Unifill Group have been supporting various charitable trusts and educational institutes that are offering quality education from primary level to masters level. students have been receiving highly subsidized education through this every year.

Environmental Commitments

Unifill Group understand its responsibilities towards the society, human resource and environment. Hence, we ensure conservation of resources as per the prescribed laws and regulations as per the ISO: 14001 environment management system. The Group works towards.

  • Complying with applicable environmental legislations and regulations
  • Dyeing of fabrics using extremely water frugal technology and E-control dyeing
  • Motivating and preparing all employees to take personal accountability for protecting the environment
Social Commitments

Not only do we care about the environment, we have also ensured that the following worker’s right.

  • Jakat - Annually 8-9 lakh taka (approximately)
  • Donation – To School, College and Madrasha (1 lakh/year)
  • Accidental donation – In case of any accident, it is being ensured that his or her spouse or dependable will get a handsome amount.
  • To create employment opportunity for fresh graduates and other deprive but probable people.
  • Ensure festival bonus and all kind of leave including maternity leave.
  • A mandatory age requirement has been established and medical checkups are performed Upton offer of employment to eliminate child labor.

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